Best Financial Podcasts of 2023

Without having proper knowledge about money, investing or making money is not an easy task. There are plenty of financial podcasts to teach you.

Developing the tools you need to achieve your financial goals can be a confusing process, especially since much of the information you’ll find online isn’t all that reliable. That’s why it’s important to take advantage of some of the best financial podcasts out there.

Which are full of useful tips and strategies that will help you get more financially stable and feel better about yourself along the way. Here are our picks for the five best financial podcasts of 2022 (in no particular order).

Best Financial Podcasts of 2022

How to money podcast

Good financial literacy starts at home, but the internet can provide a great resource. I’m big on podcasts because you can listen to them anytime, anywhere and it makes them more engaging. Here are some of my favorite finance podcasts that you should try out.

Take Action List Spend at least 15 minutes per week listening to a finance podcast. Do it in a place where you can’t be distracted by technology or other people, like on your morning commute or during your lunch break.

The Financial confessions

This podcast covers people’s stories about their financial issues. In each episode, a new guest shares how they arrived at their life turning point and discusses how they went from being broke to becoming a millionaire.

The Financial confessions cover topics such as financial stability, stocks vs bonds, retirement goals, taxes, and insurance coverage. One listener said that this is the only finance podcast he listens to because it gives you an idea of what you should be thinking about in the context of your own situation.

Another reviewer said that she enjoyed hearing stories from real people. She felt like a lot of financial podcasts will go on and on about theories, but it was nice to hear real-life examples.

Robinhood Snacks podcasts

If you’re interested in taking on your personal finances, Finance podcasts can be a great way to learn about the subject matter. Some options include:

Robbinhood Snacks – While there is no specific podcast focused on the financial aspect, Robbinhood Snacks is a personal finance podcast all about investing. Personal Capital – Personal Capital features insights from experts in various finance-related industries and does talk about finances, but their focus is more on investment than anything else.

Robinhood Snacks: Financial Podcast

Many people find podcasts to be a more convenient way to learn about personal finance. They don’t have to look at a screen and can just listen in as someone explains topics that interest them. This makes podcasts ideal for those who are new to finances or want to learn more in-depth about a specific subject matter.

Your Money Briefing

In the beginning of your podcast, you may ask your guests questions about their personal finances and saving tips. As you start to build a loyal following, each episode should ideally include a series of topics.

Such as where to get money for emergencies, how to use a credit card without hurting your credit score, or how to make smart decisions about money before buying a house. With more in-depth discussions about personal finance and financial products available for purchase, Your Money Briefing has something for everyone!

Beginner to Buyer

If you are just starting to think about your finances, The Beginner to Buyer podcast offers information in a more relaxed tone that is easy to understand. They offer financial advice without judgement, making it accessible for anyone who is looking for guidance.

If you are an experienced investor looking for a new way to network with other individuals who share your interests, then subscribe to Stock Talk.

This show is hosted by industry professionals, offering their take on all things related to stocks and investment, along with interviews with experts in different fields like law or accounting. Another entertaining podcast to learn more about investing is Side Hustle Pro.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad

If you want to be rich, but not wealthy, you must plan to fail. – Robert T. Kiyosaki. This is a perfect quote to describe the Rich Dad Poor Dad book by Robert T. Kiyosaki. There are many different points in this book that I learned from and liked.

Rich Dad Poor Dad: The Best Financial Podcasts

Rich Dad Poor Dad Book Review is one book that takes a different approach to wealth building than most. It has been called one of, if not The best personal finance books of all time.

This was because it does not focus on what your financial advisor may tell you about money and investing, but rather on knowledge and how you can use it to create assets and move closer to financial freedom.

Smart Passive Income

I’ve been listening to SPI for about a year and half now, and it’s so good. If you enjoy learning about passive income as well as various business opportunities and life hacks, you’ll love it too. All in all, Smart Passive Income is an entertaining and informative podcast that never fails to bring me joy!

I personally look forward to every new episode, and hearing from these three is such a treat. If you want something entertaining and informative, try.

It’ll take you less than 20 minutes a day to listen to their podcasts. And if they do the same thing with this blog post, it’ll take you even less time because they won’t have to write anything!

Couple Money podcasts

Couple Money is one of the most popular podcasts on money in the entire world. Hosted by a husband and wife team, this podcast covers all kinds of topics related to money. Topics include investing, budgeting, paying off debt, building wealth, relationships and so much more.

Couple Money is a great podcast because it combines tips, advice, and strategies with a relatable and entertaining approach. The hosts are funny and easy to listen to, which really adds to their appeal.

One thing that really sets these podcasts apart is that they aren’t just theoretical – instead, listeners can actually apply what they learn to their own lives. Their tips and advice are easy to understand and actionable. That’s why you should check out Couple Money today!

Your World, Your Money

A great way to stay on top of money matters is by listening to podcasts. There are podcasts on personal finance, business finance, investing, real estate, and more. For those interested in their personal finances but not sure where to start, there are podcasts designed just for them.

Your Money Your World:Top Financial Podcasts

These podcasts, like Your World, Your Money’s The Story Keepers podcast will walk you through the importance of budgeting and saving as well as how to do so in a practical way.

For others, podcasts like Betting on a New Economy’s Money for Lunch With Dan and Gabby or Mad Fientist will show you that money is not a luxury. Your money can also be your ally as you go through life.

Women and Money

Podcasting about money and finances is a burgeoning medium, but you’ll want to know about one specific podcast to avoid the financial pitfalls women face: Women and Money.

Produced by Manisha Thakor and recorded live in Chicago, this podcast has attracted nearly 7 million downloads since it began in late 2017.

The podcast covers a variety of financial topics, but it has one signature topic: money mistakes women make. This includes details about how women think about money differently than men and how that difference impacts their financial security.

There’s also information about why women earn less than men and what can be done to remedy that problem. For example, research shows that people tend to get happier when they spend money on others rather than themselves.

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