GBwhatsApp Setting: Top 6 Setting in GBwhatsApp App

Gbwhatsapp Apk latest version download 2020. We already know that. GBwhatsapp Setting app is the biggest social app in the world. This is a big social chatting app. GB WhatsApp App is a pro version of the Normal Whatsapp app. In this app, there are many kinds of extra feature which is missing in Whatsapp. So Download WhatsApp GB latest version from this website.

GBwhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version

Are you find the latest version of GB WhatsApp…? yes, you got the right website to download this app. We provide all the latest version of the app which you want. In this post, we publish the GB WhatsApp download link and some feature about GBwhatsApp. see below and Download GBwhatsApp app latest version Download GBwhatsApp

GbwhatsApp Install Guide

After downloading this app, you should install this app. Some step face to completely install this app. If you install this app carefully then you make it easier. Here I tell How to Install GBwhatsApp in Android Phone. Install GBwhatsApp apk latest version.

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GBwhatsApp Setting: Top 6 Setting you should know

GBwhatsApp Setting: Top 6 Setting in GBwhatsApp App – Update which needs to know for you as a user.

Follow step by step to know the most effective feature settings.

  • 1. Auto Reply Message:

Auto Reply Message feature makes you more active in this app. If you are a busy man, this feature makes you more active. In this setting, you can write your message which you want to reply when you don’t act. To add this message you need to go GB Setting>>Auto Reply Message

gb auto reply message
GB auto-reply message
  • 2. Themes

In this app, you can choose an unlimited theme. You can get various kinds of themes in the themes store. To change any themes you may go now GB Setting>>Themes

gbwhatsapp themes
GBwhatsapp themes
  • 3. Change App Fonts

We always try to present users with different. In this app, you can change the font style easily. In here you find many kinds of font style. To change font style go to GB Setting>>Change App Fonts

gb font change
GB font change
  • 4. Lock

This lock option makes hide your personal chat from your family and others. How to set password in GBwhatsApp to protect your account. Set passcode or change it now go to GB Setting>>Lock

how to set password gbwhatsapp
set password GBwhatsapp
  • 5. Media Sharing

In this setting, you can maintain how maximum or minimum pictures and videos you will be uploaded. Here maximum video upload Limit is 50MB and Audio limit 100MB and also have others some setting. For this feature now go to GB Setting>>Media Sharing

gb media sharing
GB media sharing
  • 6. Other Mods

Other mods options mean you can here more settings. Here you change Launcher icon which we know that app icon and also Notify bar icon, Backup data, Show Active online always, etc setting in here. To active this setting or change you go to GB Setting>>Other Mods

gb other mods
GB other mods

Note: Here I give out some important settings in GB WhatsApp Apk. Also in addition theme are more setting in this app. You can find that GB Setting. So I hope you make known all settings as a user of Whatsapp.


We already know GB serious app is the version of normal others app. Here I told you about the GBwhatsApp setting which should know a user. I hope it helps you to comfortably use this app. If you face any problem please notify me in the comment section. I still here alway to help you.

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  1. Hey GB,
    whatsapp has been banning GB app users, have you got a plan to counter this, please help. I don’t want to go back to the normal whatsapp.

    Concern User

  2. How can I make “XXX offline” appear in the logs? Now it is only showing “XXX online”. I am using this to track if my connection dropped.

  3. Hai am using Gbwhatsapp 8.25. In this version i cant extend the status video limits. Can anyone help me fix that setting

    • In your phone,Open Settings>App management>GbWhatsapp, and give permission to Gbwhatsapp to access media of your phone.

  4. My friend used gb what’s app online status setting off
    My question how to find my friend online or offline please help me
    I’m also used gb what’s app


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