A Full Guide to Travel Insurance for Cancer Patients

Relax and recharge yourself going on holiday or travel to your favorite place when you have had- or have cancer. Although it may be challenging for you, pick a great source of treatment, diagnosis, or to celebrate your life part.

We believe that travel insurance should make universal for all people as possible. So you don’t need to be concerned if you have cancer regarding either travel insurance will cover you or not?

We consider affordable travel insurance with all medical conditions counting cancer.

Continue our write up as we offer travel insurance for all cancer stages, ensuring proper cover you demand to appreciate your travels.

Why You need Travel Insurance for Cancer?

Travel Insurance for Cancer gives support if you wish to explore the world with peace of mind, having cancer, or are in remission.  Our insurance offers you medical emergencies, instant approval if you need to visit, and cover your unexpected medical bills.

Can you own travel insurance having cancer?

Yes, you can own travel insurance having cancer, but you need a specialist insurance service provider. You may have to finance a higher premium if any treatment is offered abroad or drop your trip for your cancer.

§  If you have terminal cancer:

Of course, we can secure you have terminal cancer. But, we don’t offer cover for any claims which come from that terminal condition.

§  If you are in remission:

Of course, we can secure you in remission condition. However, we need to complete an easy medical screening. Get in touch online or call us on (0330 210 6573) to attend our screening process.

§  If you are undiagnosed:

We are sorry if you are just in the diagnosis or your doctor is searching out if your cancer has opened out or not. We won’t cover this undiagnosed condition.

Once a complete diagnosis, whether the result is cancer spread out or not, we will give a quote in most cases.

Information Insurance Providers Must Know About Your Cancer:

If you are in a pre-existing medical stage or living with cancer, then your travel insurance provider’s  must carefully assess you. Ultimately, provide much detail with honesty if you ever demand a claim. 

Insurance providers can questions you a lot, so your remission or the state or grade of your illness must be said to the provider. It will be best to confirm with them with a letter from your appointed doctor that you’re ok to travel.

Does Holiday Destination Relate to The Cost of Insurance?

Yes, the countries like Singapore have high medical costs here, treatment is more expensive. Here the premium will rise as well. Hence consult with your provider about some options if you’re not sure.

Why Select Insurance With?

Industry peers & consumers recognize our common-sense systems to medical travel cover. We are trying to make an easy journey for more people. Some of our features:

  • 5-star customer rate.
  • Medical conditions cover almost 5000.
  • Over $10m cover for emergency medical needs.
  • Charity donation must after policy each sold.

1.Types of Cancer We Cover:

We are a concerned to cover all cancers; enlisted below are the most common types. However, if you are not showing your particular one, doesn’t worry; you can quote your type of cancer during our process time.

Or you can inform our Service Centre to process the quote. List of common cancers:

  • Bowel cancer
  • Breast cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Lung cancer

Even we have some travel insurance policies for scare cancers like as:

  • Kidney cancer
  • Bladder cancer
  • Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
  • Pancreatic cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Stomach cancer
  • Skin cancer
  • Uterine cancer
  • Testicular cancer

What We cover?

  • 24 hours Emergency helpline each day of the year.
  • Individual medical screening.
  • Cooling off period 14 days.
  • Cancellation.
  • Baggage claims.
  • End supplier failure.
  • Personal liability.
  • Legal protection.
  • Cash lost cover.

1.Cancer Travels Quick Tips:

Whether it is your current condition, cancer, or in remission, a holiday will make you relax and take back your peace of mind. Read Cancer travel quick tips:

2.Consult With a Medical Professional:

Consult your specialist or doctor before your trip will be the best. Especially Your doctor can suggest your destinations what will be good place & time.

This way, you will be able to chill your trip thoroughly with peace of mind.


Start your planning before at least 4-6 weeks from your trip; this will be a good idea while traveling with cancer. You will get more time to settle what you should take or not. Carefully pick your medical necessities and things of emergency.

4.Selecting your holiday destination:

While selecting your holiday destination, think about the length of your journey and the length of time. We suggest you not overexert yourself without any medical conditions.

5.The best time selection:

While taking your cancer treatments, it may be essential to planning your holidays. Your doctor may advise you on moving treatments to feel you well enough to go.


Ensure your comfort zone while flying, if possible, all over your journey.  If your doctor permits you to travel, flying won’t be an issue.

However, there are a few things you should consider for your comfort:

  • First, book priority boarding for you.
  • Avoid the early plane & the rest of the crowd.
  • Furthermore, you can think of extra legroom.
  • Or you can settle an aisle seat.


While picking prescribed medication with you for cancer condition, plan first how much you should take.

Always try to take extra; In case of misplacing or damage, this will help. Keep original packaging as the medical name is usually the same in various countries.


For certain countries, some live vaccines are must require. So if you are those having a weakened immune system, therefore, consult your doctor. Follow the proper advice on what’s safe for you.

9.Take Care And Love Your Travel With Cancer:

Get the proper precautions and organize before you travel to ensure full enjoyment of your time. Keep your hydration level full drink a lot of plain water.

Be careful enough in case of recent radiotherapy or chemotherapy regarding climate change. Take extra care while in the sun! You should use an SPF of 30+ and avoid the sun’s hottest period between 11 am-3 pm.

Hence, enjoy your holiday! We are optimistic that our travel tips help you a lot.

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