Compare & Buy Travel Insurance Plans Online for India

Assure your travel by picking our exciting travel insurance plan! A dynamic place, India offers excellent adventure for all visitors. You can meet surprising differences where both the conventional and current universes.

Visitors travel for different reasons like work, for studies, or to have a memorable holiday with their family & friends.

Our all-inclusive travel insurance plan can offer you a worry-free enjoyable trip. Don’t worry about where you are; we assure you of quality healthcare for domestic & international travel.

Please continue reading to know our travel insurance facilities across the globe when you travel.

We Offer You Perfect Travel Insurance:

1.Domestic Travel Insurance:

A domestic travel insurance policy will assist you to travel emergencies within India. This policy covers travel reimbursement in case of flight cancellation or delays also medical benefits for hospitalization.

You can pick our multi-trip policy if you are frequent travelers, which will cover for a whole year.

2.International Travel Insurance:

This insurance policy allows international travelers to protect their passport loss of baggage, flight delays or cancellations, dropping of deposit cards, medical expenses or transport expenses back to India, and a lot more.

We recommend this standard travel coverage for international travelers starting aged six-above. You can also pick our multi-trip policy if you are frequent travelers, which will cover for a whole year.

3.Travel Insurance for Senior Citizen:

This policy is for 70 years and above travelers. Although the medical coverage system is the same as standard health insurance plans, we give extra coverage for medical emergencies here, such as dental coverage, immediate medical evacuation, and remains repatriation.


Don’t leave your parent without Travel insurance for even any single issue.

Travel Insurance for Student:

Our policy is aimed at students (16-35 ages) who are highly hunted to higher education outer India.

Our unique travel insurance plans are available to students to confirm such expenses, not flash a hole in your pocket, and fulfill their higher education dreams.

We also permit the insured student’s parents to go with them if they are injured or ill.

What we cover?

1.Baggage Covers:

We cover you if any mishaps occur to your baggage or your travel-related documents.

  • Baggage missing: If your booked baggage is lost in theft or misdirection or non-delivery at your destination, we assure you to compensate you. However, in case of your luggage damage or a partial loss, this plan won’t be applicable.
  • Baggage delay:  if your baggage is delayed or misdirected by the airline, for your smooth trip, we will refund you for personal effects items.

2.Travel Covers:

Baggage covering is a part all-around our protection. You will cover the following conditions:

  • Late trip: We will refund your extra expenses in the chance of flight delay for more than 12 hours because of a covered hardship.
  • Flight/hotel bookings refunding: If you made the advance flight and hotel bookings but unfortunately bounced will be compensated.
  • Lost passport: We will refund your cost of getting a new or duplicate passport if you report to the police within 24 hours in case of stolen. Additionally, you are given distress allowance if you face hijacking.
  • Personal liability: You can claims legally on insured property damage or medical costs if the bodily injury caused by accident.
  • Fraudulent charges: If your insured payment card is lost or stolen, we will refund the unofficial charges up to 12 / hours early to the reporting first the event.
  • House burglary: If your house is robbed during your trip period, we will pay you for an insured loss. To be noted, if your home is empty for more than three months, No payment will give.

3.Medical Covers:

We offer you a healthy recovery plan:

  • Injuries at the trip period: We will compensate for the treatment cost of sickness, injury, or dental treatment that happened during the trip.
  • Caring visit: If you get injured or fall sick on your trip, we will give a two-way ticket to any of your family members to go and stay at your bedside.
  • Interruption of study: If your studies are disturbed due to your sickness or losing of a family member, we will repay your tuition fees to your educational institution.
  • Medical shifting: If you need to go to another area for better, we will give you medical shifting. (Decision to be taken by our medical panel).
  • Accidental death: 100% of the principal amount we will pay if the insured die while on the trip. Please remind us that we will repay the coverage as per your policy.

4.What is Uncovered?

  • Loss of baggage if separately shipped or your visiting area policy does not.
  • Unreported theft.
  • Participation in illegal activities.
  • Involvement in adventure sports.
  • Undertaking any potentially dangerous manual work.
  • If you go against your doctor advice.
  • Pre-existing health state will remain uncover.
  • Self-inflicted injuries.
  • Stress, Anxiety, or depression
  • Birth control or surgical procedure is not allowed by the policy.
  • Mental disorders, Sexual diseases, or alcohol or drug injuries without medical permission will remain uncovered.

5.Reasons to Buy Our Policies:

  • High-quality medical care is available.
  • Getting enough coverage without worries.
  • Giving pre-approved cover for Schengen countries.
  • Immediate medical needs abroad.
  • Experience Asia with a reasonable cover.
  • Safe & assured purchase.
  • With a global presence of more than 190 countries, we can secure your safe trip & back.
  • Requirements and budget are so reasonable to select the right plan as your needs!
  • In a foreign land, get your local assistance.
  • 24/7 emergency service.

6.Some Travel Insurance Plans in India:

You may be puzzled regarding India’s best travel insurance plans; here we are giving a list of the top travel insurance company in India.

  • TATA AIG insurance.
  • Digit travel insurance.
  • Bharti AXA travel insurance.
  • Aditya Birbal travels insurance.
  • Religare travel insurance.
  • Reliance travel insurance.
  • Oriental travel insurance.
  • Future General travel insurance.
  • Star travel insurance.
  • SBI travel insurance.
  • United India travels insurance.
  • Shiram travel insurance.
  • National insurance travel insurance
  • Universal Sompo travel insurance.

Disclosure: Remind it that all the travel insurance offers different plans & coverage. Depending on your personal need, you can customize the best travel insurance policy for you. So we advise you to pick our comprehensive travel insurance policy.

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